The NFL may be under frequent scrutiny these days, but in reality, the Super Bowl remains one of the most popular events in American culture. Given that the weekend itself has become somewhat of a commercial lightning rod, Bud Light and the NFL wasted little time in capitalizing on the opportunity. An Atlanta based three-day "Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest" is set to pop off in tandem with Super Bowl Weekend, and while it's not entirely homebrew, it does feature a welcome dose of ATL talent. 

Day one of the festival (January 31, 2019) will feature performances from both Ludacris and Migos, two Atlanta mainstays. Day two will feature performances from Post Malone and Aerosmith, while the third and final day will bring Bruno Mars and Cardi B to the stage. Though only Migos and Ludacris hold down the "local hero" status, many feel their presence is enough to bring a dose of Atlanta flair to the mix.

"We are the Motown of the south and have been really dominant in music for quite some time," says Ludacris, speaking to Forbes. "In terms of bringing it to Atlanta, people understand all the great talent that’s here. People that are from Atlanta should be involved in this process somehow. It’s one thing for the Super Bowl to not involve any Atlanta artists. It’s another thing for people to see Atlanta artists perform. It’s pretty straightforward and pretty understandable.”

The Festival is set to go down on the weekend of January 31st. You excited for the Super Bowl?