Ludacris' label Disturbing Tha Peace and Def Jam have been hit with a lawsuit concerning the hip-hop group Playaz Circle, signed to both labels. 

Playaz Circle is made up of 2 Chainz, formerly Tity Boi, and Dolla Boy. The suit is over the group's logo and name, and was filed on August 30th by Torrey Cook.

Cook claims that he is the owner of the Playaz Circle trademark, and marketed the group under the same name as the label. According to the suit, he's been using the Playaz Circle name since 1995, as a consultant to new artists.

Although Cook has worked with 2 Chainz and his partner Dolla Boy, he says he did not give them permission to use his name and trademark.

The lawsuit states: "Mr. Cook made it very clear to all involved, at every juncture, that the name Playaz Circle was trademarked and that it belonged exclusively to him. Further Mr. Epps and Mr. Conyers confirmed that they understood that the Mark belonged to Mr. Cook."

Neither 2 Chainz nor Dolla Boy are named in the lawsuit, however, just the record labels profiting from the name.

Cook attempted to contact the label reps for Def Jam and DTP, and once they finally reached agreement nothing ever came from it as the reps simply stopped responding.

DTP and Def Jam are being sued for sued for trademark infringement, trademark dilution by blurring and attorney fees.

Check out copies of the lawsuit over at AllHipHop.