The Breakfast Club nabbed another first-time guest, following their interview with Jay-Z, Ludacris made an appearance on the radio station recently. Although Luda has been focused on his acting career for a period of time, he's been slowly turning his focus back to music, with the release of freebie songs and his mixtape #IDGAF. The rapper/actor spoke to Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God about his long awaited album, Ludaversal, focusing on music, 2 Chainz' success and more.

Ludacris confirmed that Ludaversal is still in the making, and explained taking a break to work on movies at the beginning of the interview. "Ludaversal, we are working on the album now. You know, we shot five movies over the past three years, so after the ten-year anniversary I felt like it was time to give people a little bit of a break from Ludacris in terms of the music scene so I shot some movies, and now we back to the music and the grind right now."

Although it's generally agreed that Luda isn't doing half-bad when it comes to his acting career, recently appearing in the Fast & Furious 5 movie, when it comes to music, Luda isn't afraid to grind to get back to the top. "If I gotta grind hard just 'cause I've been gone for a little while, than that's what I'm gunna do," he said.

The Atlanta native also revealed he's been listening to his fellow rappers, namely Jay-Z and Kanye West. "I heard a little bit of Jay-Z's album, I heard Kanye's album, it's like three songs on the album I absolutely love. "Bound," "Blood On The Leaves," "New Slaves." Those are incredible records." Luda added, "the Jay-Z album, I haven't had a chance to listen to the entire thing, but from what I heard, I definitely like it."

Ludacris also commented on some of his songs with EDM-influences, as well as a song which was criticized by some as sounding like it was "ten years old," "Representin'" featuring Kelly Rowland. Ludacris stands by "Representin'," and as for experimenting with EDM, he said, "That's why we put out "The Rest Of My Life" joint because we was in London, we got inspired, and that actually ended up on the movie soundtrack. That's the one with Usher, 'cause EDM is popular over there, in Europe, and that's why we did that."

The rapper continued to talk about experimenting on Ludaversal, "In terms of experimentation, I think every artist experiments on their album, it's just the amount of experimentation, and you just keepin' in true to your roots. So me, I'm keepin' it true to my roots, but I feel like everything needs to be evolution, there needs to be progression, from every single album, so that's what I continue to do."

Finally, The Breakfast Club discussed 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi, who signed to Luda's DTP back in the day. "Man, I would not have signed 2 Chainz if I did not believe in his talent," Ludacris said. "I'm extremely proud of him, I'm extremely happy, he works extremely hard, he deserves everything that he gets. We still work together in different capacities at all times. I'm still a profit partner at the end of the day. I just got a check for my album and his...2 checks."

Watch the full interview on Power 105.1 below.