Punchlines are one of the most effective tools in hip-hop, and throughout his career, Ludacris has proved himself a master of them. While perfectly capable of turning his lyrics to more serious subjects (peep "Runaway" for that), Luda has become known for his ability to perfectly set up a joke with a preceding line and then knock it down with one witty bar.

With his hotly-anticipated album Ludaversal on its way, we're expecting to get a new batch of gut-busters from Chris Bridges very soon. For now, we're looking back on his extensive discography to find the best of his punchlines. With songs like "Coming 2 America" and "Cry Babies" that are basically one joke after another, this was a hard task. We definitely skipped over a few that were deserving in their own right, so let us know your favorites in the comments.