VIBE initially reported yesterday the passing of LRG, Co-Founder Jonas Bevacqua (34) this past Tuesday. The celebrated tastemaker was found dead in his home in Laguna Beach, California with little clues as to what happened.

An autopsy was performed was performedon the fashion mogul and a cause of death was failed to be determined. The authorities are still waiting on the results from toxicological tests, as well as other tests, which could take 6 to 8 weeks.

Jim Amormino, Orange County sheriff’s spokesman, stated that the authorities have ruled out homicide as a cause of death and mentioned that Bevacqua has been suffering from a serious medical condition for some time now.

The company’s website issued a statement today about late boss: "Jonas was a star who burned brightly in the sky and who is gone far too soon. There is a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. He will always be loved and missed by his friends, family, and all those he inspired."

Bevacqua is survived by his father, mother, fiancé, son and seven brothers and sisters