LPB Poody Reveals His Favorite Restaurants In Orlando On "Snack Review"

Cole Blake
December 02, 2021 16:13

LPB Poody reveals his love for seafood and the most disgusting food he's ever tried on "Snack Review."

West Orlando's own LPB Poody recently stopped by HNHH for the latest episode of Snack Review, in which artists taste test and discuss an assortment of their favorite and most classic munchies. In the second part of Poody's appearance, the "I'm The One" rapper discusses cereals, beverages, as well as his favorite hometown spots to hit up in Orlando.

As for his favorite breakfast cereal, Poody lists Honey Smacks as his number one with Cap'n Crunch Berries, Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch as honorable mentions.

LPB Poody
Image Via HNHH

When in Orlando, Poody says he recommends checking out a wing spot called Flyers and says he loves hibachi and soul food. He also still enjoys eating Popeyes and McDonalds to this day.

Poody also reveals his love for seafood, admitting it's the food that he's spent the most money on.

"I ain't gonna lie, I eat a lot of crawfish," he says. "I'ma turn into one of them because I eat it so much. I eat crawfish probably four times out of the week. It be so much grease and oil in them."

As for the most disgusting food Poody has tried, he emphatically names zucchini.

Check out part one of Poody's Snack Review appearance here, where he discusses his love for Kit Kat and refuses to try out WarHeads Extreme.

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