This season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta was... interesting. The VH1 program has featured some pretty special moments but this most recent season may have taken the cake. Stars Karlie Redd and Pooh Hicks were involved in one of the major storylines, fighting over an alleged threesome that happened between Karlie, Pooh and Hiram Hicks. Things got so heated that when the cast visited Trinidad, a shit-stained bed sheet was brought into the equation when it was alleged that after having anal sex, somebody defecated on the bed. The sheet was used as potential evidence in the whodunnit. After a reunion special, it can now be confirmed that none of that actually happened and one of the ladies was capping the whole time.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Karlie Redd and Pooh Hicks took two polygraph tests to determine if they were telling the truth about the scandal and the results were revealed recently. They both sat patiently as the host of the reunion read aloud that Pooh and Karlie have never had sexual intercourse, were never involved in a threesome, never defecated on anybody's bed, and more. Redd was happy with the results, yelling out that her rival is a "pathological liar" and would do anything for attention.

Do you think the lie detector tests were real though or is this just another angle for television? Watch below.