Love & Hip Hop New York has a new cast member that is already causing waves online. Sidney Starr is an ambitious artist in the making with a unique kind of boldness. During the VH1 show's last episode, the transgender entertainer sat down with the infamous Rich Dollaz to discuss a potential business partnership. Their discussion transitioned into an impromptu freestyle.

Sidney was the one who suggested the little performance and she came prepared. Still, her flow fell flat according to the response she received from social media. Her style was slightly old-school yet it lacked any real lyrical substance. The bars had shock value, however, as she proclaimed herself as "the chick with the d*ck." Her most creative line might have been, " Your d*ck calls me venus cause I got a nice penis."

While Sidney flaunted a flamboyant confidence, her fierceness was not enough to impress the OGs in the room. Dollaz' verdict was clear: “The flow is horrible, the lyrics is not all of that.” He qualified the level of skill she displayed as "not good."

Watch the clip (near the 4:30 mark) to witness the spectacle and jump into the comments to rate her bars.