Lyrica Anderson and her husband A1 Bentley are now proud parents. The new mother has decided to give her following a first look at her newborn son via social media. Lyrica endured a frightening medical episode just hours after giving birth. Considering this scenario in addition to the usual implications of motherhood, her enthusiasm and pride are only natural.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The artist had previously opened up about the complications she underwent only hours after giving birth to Ocean.

“Once we had the baby I was like, ‘Oh my God, we did it!’ Everything was ok. And then after the birth is when it got a little traumatic,” she said. “I ran a super high fever out of nowhere. I started going into some sort of convulsions,” she said in an interview with TMZ. ” I couldn’t stop shaking for a good seven hours straight. Just shaking, shaking, shaking with a fever, and then I couldn’t stop itching. They had to literally bring toothbrushes in my room to let me scratch my skin so that I wouldn’t pierce my skin. And it was the scariest thing because I’m shaking and itching. I literally thought I was dying. Like, honestly I was so scared. Why am I shaking so much?”

The doctors reassured her that the condition was only temporary, and thankfully, she had an attentive partner by her side to push through the hardship.  The songwriter seems ecstatic as she captions the photoset: "@oceanzionbentley my Pride and Joy! My angel ! I love you Son! Thank u @koulers for Ocean bling out Pacifiers #swipeleft"