Spice is a major artist in Jamaica, making big waves on an international level. However, she still hasn't been able to crack the American market, feeling the pressure of the music industry. The reality star has been using Love & Hip Hop to push her career and social media was sent for a ride when she posted a photo of herself with much lighter skin a few months ago. The new season of LHHATL will premiere in a few days and the first trailer already impacted many people with its dramatic and explosive nature. Now, a few extra teasers have been released to show how the series will dive into the controversial whiteface situation.

From the looks of the new clip, it appears as though Spice was influenced by an industry executive who advised her to develop a "new look." It's implied in the video that Spice's current image isn't enough to break into the music industry, suggesting that changes are needed. While you wouldn't think that altering the color of her skin would be the change requested, that appears to be exactly what she did to spark some controversy.

Spice initially turned heads when she claimed that she would be embracing a "fresh start," posting photos of herself with lighter skin. Fans started to question her self-love and sanity after the fact but she bounced back by dropping "Black Hypocrisy," which made her true intentions clear.