In this week's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, Young Joc's hair salon goes up in flames (literally) and takes his relationship with it, Spice squashes the beef with Akbar V, Karlie Redd abides by her imposed curfew despite luring temptations and Kendra meets Joc's baby mamas. 

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


In last week's episode, Joc shared the news with his baby mothers that he was strongly considering putting a ring on Kendra's special finger. The mothers received the news favorably but remained skeptical about Joc's ability to be a good man to Kendra. They thus asked to meet with her in person and in this week's episode, they did. Although their interaction was amicable, one of Joc's baby mothers let it slip that the underlying reason behind Joc's failing business was his flirting tendencies. Kendra was unhappy with the tip and immediately checked Joc for his behavior. The two have been at odds since. Could this be the final straw for Kendra? 


Spice, Shekinah, and Sierra met up to discuss the latest drama over a few glasses of wine. Eventually, Shekinah filled the girls in on what went down with Akbar V at Rasheeda and Kirk's couple seminar. As Shekinah attempted to make her case, Spice reacted when Shekinah began bringing Akbar V's parenting abilities into the mix. The two got into it, but quickly squashed the beef. Shekinah revealed that she previously had two abortions and showed empathy to Akbar V for being a single mother on a grind. The conversation ended well and the latter encouraged Spice to patch things up with Akbar V as she realized the two had more in common than she initially thought. 


Joc was hit with some unfortunate news in this week's episode as he learned that a fire hit his hair salon. While his business partner Sharonda attempted to escape accountability, Kendra offered much-needed business advice to her man by emphasizing that he needed to fire Sharonda. Sharonda did not take Kendra's input well and the two almost squabbled over it. Though, ironically, the hair salon was not the only thing going up in flames this week. Joc's relationship with Kendra was jeopardized by his baby mother spilling the tea on Joc's overly flirtatious behaviors with his salon's hairdressers. And when Joc retraced the messiness to Karlie Redd, he made sure to check both his baby mamas and ex-girlfriend on getting involved in his personal matters. 


Erica Dixon resurfaced in this week's episode for a baby shower. It was first revealed, however, that Erica's daughter with Scrappy was soon turning fourteen years old. The teen requested for all her family members to be in attendance and we can only wonder if such request is actually feasible. Considering the drama which has been simmering between Mama Dee, Mama Cee, Scrappy, Bambi and Erica, we can only hope it all goes well for the sake of the child.


KK is back with a new book. Scrapp DeLeon's mother has penned an autobiographical memoir wherein she reminisces on her time in jail. The book signing went well and a lot of tea was spilled with regards to Mama Dee's tense relationship with Mama CeCe. We certainly expect this to unfold in the oncoming episodes. Scrapp DeLeon remains focused on staying away from the streets and announced he would be opening up a seafood restaurant with a friend of his. The reality star is adamant about being a positive role model for his children.

Interestingly, no further developments were detailed with regards to Scrapp's relationship with Sierra. In fact, BK has attempted to weasel his way back into Sierra's life despite the overwhelming drama that ensued between them in prior episodes. Whether or not his attempts were successful will surely be explored in the next episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta