In this week's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, the girls attempt to put an end to the beef between Karlie and Pooh, Sierra blasts both Hiram Hicks and Stevie J at the expense of Akbar V and much more in our favourite drama-filled franchise...

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


The cast continues their Trinidadian trip and festivities, but the drama from last week's episode calls for an impromptu group meeting. Rasheeda, Mimi, Bambi and Kendra attempt to put an end to the beef between Karlie Redd and Pooh Hicks. The group facilitate another meet-up between the two which turns out to be more amicable than the previous one. During their conversation, Karlie reiterates her ultimatum to Pooh and lets her know that issues between them will continue unless she admits to lying. 

Unfortunately, Pooh remains unmoved and the conversation takes an odd turn when Karlie somewhat admits that what went down between them is true. Moreover, things get even weirder when Karlie states Pooh needs to apologize regardless because the ordeal has negatively impacted her adult daughter. Although we still do not know what happened between them, the other cast members began to question Karlie's side of the story. Perhaps there is some truth to Pooh's claims after all. 


During their eventful trip to Trinidad, Scrappy and Bambi revealed to be experiencing a few marital problems. Bambi feels too exhausted to have sex with Scrappy and has been more distant than usual. The latter has left Scrappy feeling sexually deprived and robbed of quality time with his wife. While his homies Kirk & Joc suggested he give Bambi some time, Scrappy opted to continue with the savagery in this week's episode. While out for a dinner date, Scrappy shared with his wife that he wanted a second child.

Bambi was obviously shocked and felt her man's demand was unreasonable considering she was still recovering from their first child. Scrappy immediately felt a way about Bambi's reluctance and in response to it all, Bambi told him to get a uterus. Clearly, trouble lies ahead for the couple and we expect to see more of it in the upcoming episodes. 


Things have been okay thus far between Kendra and Joc during their trip to Trinidad. In last week's episode, the rapper told Kirk and Rasheeda that he was planning to propose to his bae. In this week's episode, however, things slightly went left. As the cast met and visited Karlie's family for the first time, Kendra felt awkward to witness Karlie's family trash-talking her current man. Although the conversation was odd, she still kept it classy and Bambi later applauded Kendra's maturity and composure throughout the matter. 

On the other hand, Joc told Scrappy he was planning on proposing to Kendra during the trip. Though his wedding bell-plans were stalled when Scrappy shared with him that Kendra did not want to have kids. The tip came from Bambi who retrieved the information during a conversation with Kendra about children. The news made Joc think twice about proposing and he confronted Kendra about it much later. Actually, the topic was brought up just as the couple clashed because Joc splashed water all over Pooh Hick's booty at Jam Nation. The heated conversation ended with Kendra walking out because she assumed Joc was far too drunk to properly discuss their issues. 


Stevie J is back in ATL for this week's episode and his arrival was met with instant drama. Upon catching up with an old friend, Hiriam Hicks, Stevie J was intercepted by Sierra for his previous mishaps with his nephew, Scrapp DeLeon. In fact, both Hiriam and Stevie were the targets of Sierra's rampage as she brought up Pooh's erratic behaviour as well. To make matters worse, the former argument occurred at a moment when Akbar V was trying to talk business with the music producers. As a result, Sierra and Akbar V fought again. 

Later on in the episode, Stevie J sat down with his nephew Scrapp to squash the beef. Scrapp DeLeon confronted on his uncle about not being there for him when he needed him most, although Stevie admitted to having legal issues at the time, thus hampering his ability to come through for his nephew. The two eventually discussed Stevie's relationship with Scrapp's ex Tommie Lee, but their beef was quickly resolved. In the words of Scrapp, "family is family."  


Although things have been going very well between Kirk and Rasheeda, trouble always finds a way in. Kirk shared with his boy pals during the Trinidad trip that he gave his number to his child's mother, Jasmine. That is despite Rasheeda's wish for Kirk to not be in contact with the baby mother. Kirk admitted to having done so because his daughter Kelsey no longer desired to be the middle man. And as such, he felt if he handled things his own way then his wife Rasheeda would not have to worry about it. As it remains something Kirk is doing in the dark, we already know it will eventually come to light. We can expect some drama between them in the next episodes.