Did you think you were done hearing about Summer Bunni? Let me refresh your memory if you don't remember who she is. This winter, when Cardi B and Offset were going through their own separation, two women were placed in the middle of the drama: Cuban Doll and Summer Bunni. Cuban Doll is a pretty successful rapper in her own right and Summer Bunni was originally just known as her friend. That was before she recorded her own song about Offset, gave plenty of interviews, and made a name for herself in the clout chasing community. It's been a minute since we've heard from her but she's back and she's still causing break-ups around the world.

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You would think that after the entire ordeal with Offset that people would know not to mess with Summer Bunni. According to new reports though, A1 Bentley was not so wise. The Love & Hip Hop star and Lyrica Anderson are reportedly done with their marriage and once again, their breakup apparently has to do with Summer Bunni. According to BET, the LHHH couple called off their marriage after A1 Bentley had an "inappropriate relationship" with Summer Bunni. The situation will reportedly be shown during the next season. 

Lyrica has reportedly already moved out of their family home. She and A1 welcomed a baby boy into their lives last year.

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