Louisville's 2K Baby Sage Premieres Video For Viral Hit "Old Streets" (Exclusive)

Alex Zidel
July 02, 2019 12:00

PREMIERE: 2K Baby Sage has officially released his new video for "Old Streets."

There's an art to creating a song that goes viral. These days, anything you put out into the world can get picked up and spread across the world. If you look at Lil Nas X's recent success, it just proves that hard work can begin to pay off with the snap of a finger. 2K Baby Sage experienced a surge in his career when he freestyled "Old Streets" with SayCheeseTV and now, he's officially ready to capitalize on the hype he's gotten from blogs and fans around the nation. Today, we premiere the brand new video for his viral success "Old Streets."

The Louisville, Kentucky artist is fresh in the game but he has a chance to make it big with this track. His melodies are insane here, leaving you searching for the replay button once its two-minute runtime is up. Speaking about the track, 2K Baby Sage told us: "It’s crazy how sometimes I can’t talk but I can rap... so I turned on the camera & just let my heart speak about what I was going through at that time. Once I posted it, it went crazy and then I linked up with a fellow Kentucky legend, KY Engineering, to go ahead and record it for my fans."

Have a listen to the song and peep the video above.

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HNHH TV Louisville's 2K Baby Sage Premieres Video For Viral Hit "Old Streets" (Exclusive)