NFL football is starting back up again this week which means NCAA football is also back. Last night, Notre Dame started their season by playing against Louisville and as you would expect, they came out victorious. While it was a fairly entertaining game, the highlight everyone is talking about came courtesy of Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book who threw the ball out of bounds on a broken play. This type of play is pretty common in football although this time, an unsuspecting Louisville cheerleader was hit with the ball square in the nose.

The cheerleader in question, named Elizabeth Scott, eventually hit up social media where she had a great sense of humor about the whole thing and even posted some memes after. She did confirm that the play resulted in a broken nose which is unfortunate, although her social media following probably went up after this so it's not all bad.

Hopefully, Book can continue to make the highlight reels this season, except we're sure he'd prefer to make them because of his touchdown passes and not his broken noses. 

It will be interesting to see if Scott comes back to the Cardinals this season or if she'll simply take a hiatus from cheerleading while her nose recovers.