At 82 years of age with declining health, Louis Farrakhan has summoned his energy these past few weeks for a publicity tour as he gears up fro the 20th Anniversary Million Man March in D.C. on October 10th. As a part of his tour he's dabbled in hip hop circles, doing interviews with Sway in the Morning and meeting with Kanye West and Snoop Dogg. The Game recently met with the Nation of Islam leader and announced that he would join him at the head of the Million Man March. Farrakhan has also met with Kanye West and Snoop Dogg this year. 

Farrakhan got dinner in ATL this past week with 2 Chainz, Ice Cube, Young Thug, Rick Ross, and Cee Lo Green in Atlanta. In the video below, Farrakhan holds Young Thug by the shoulder and gives him the following words of encouragement: “I can step back, because I’m an old man going out of the world. But if I can feed the minds of the young [that] we’re giants, then I can go out happy."