Legendary comedian Louis C.K. recently surprised fans with his presence at a comedy festival. As the comedian appeared out of nowhere, the crowd went into a frenzy and launched a roaring standing ovation in response to the entertainer taking the stage. The whole thing went down at the SkankFest Comedy Mayhem Festival on Sunday night in Brooklyn and the crowd had no idea Louis C.K. would come, let alone, take the mic. In the video shared by TMZ, you can see the packed house giving Louis C.K. a standing ovation and cheering for him. Some fans even went onto literally jumping out of joy and you can see a woman clearly going crazy in the aforementioned video. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Moreover, TMZ informs that the famed comedian opened his set by quickly addressing the previous controversy surrounding him. As you may recall, multiple women came forward in the past and alleged that the star had inflicted inappropriate sexual behavior on them. These women detailed how C.K. would ask them if he could masturbate in front of them. The latter got the comedian in a lot of trouble. In response to everything that went down, Louis C.K. commenced his set by saying: "If you ever masturbate in front of someone, ask them first. If they say yes, don't do it!"