Lou Williams became the subject of public scrutiny back in July after he was caught at the Magic City strip club with Jack Harlow after leaving the NBA bubble to pay his respects to a deceased family member. Many felt like Williams' actions were selfish especially since he was forced to undergo a prolonged quarantine before he could step back onto the court. Williams maintains he was simply there for the lemon pepper chicken wings that have become a staple of the establishment.

Since that time, Lemon Pepper Lou has become a running gag amongst him and his teammates. In today's day and age, it is important to capitalize on these public inside jokes as you never know who might try to steal them from you. Having said that, it appears as though Williams has successfully trademarked the "Lemon Pepper Lou" name which means we can see some merchandise on the horizon.

Despite his Magic City slip up, Williams and the Clippers have been cruising throughout these NBA playoffs. They are currently up 3-1 on the Denver Nuggets and are in the lead in Game 5. If they win tonight, they will go to the Western Conference Finals where they will most likely take on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Needless to say, Williams is living the good life right now.