With Kawhi Leonard and Paul Geoge on their team, the Los Angeles Clippers are gearing up to take over the NBA and become league champions. The two stars were introduced to the media this week and it's safe to say that fans are excited about what could be on the horizon. One of the team's toughest tests will come against the Los Angeles Lakers who have a dynamic duo of their own in LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Lakers fans and Clippers have fans have been bickering back and forth about which team is better and now, Lakers fans have taken to chirping the players themselves.

After commenting on a recent Clippers Instagram post, a fan replied to Lou Williams saying "wats tough is AD got sumthin for yall." That's when Williams clapped back and said "bro. Why u even on this page? Lol.. here let me redirect you and your energy @lakers." 


It appears as though Williams is understandably tired of fans trying to press the Clippers and make them look like a lesser team. The Clippers have played second fiddle to the Lakers for so long but this year, that could certainly change and Williams is well aware of this. 

Earlier today, the Clippers teased plans for a brand new arena so as of right now, things are looking up for the team that hasn't been passed the second round of the playoffs.