The Los Angeles Clippers have today unveiled their new Nike "Association" and "Icon" uniforms for the upcoming 2017-18 season.

The Clippers, a team that underwent a complete rebranding just two years ago, have debuted a much simpler looking uniform design, drawing on inspiration from Clipper ships.

Per the LA Clippers press release,

"A design collaboration with Nike, our new uniforms are built as a modern expression of LA Clippers basketball, balanced with visual design elements evoking flight and speed, the defining features of a Clipper ship."

"Clipper ships inspired the uniform's horizontal lines, emblematic of the ocean horizon and a ship’s hull cutting through the water."

"International maritime signal flags have been converted into Clippers colors and placed above the jock tag to spell 'CLIPPER NATION'."

"Unique asymmetrical color design, inspired by maritime navigational lights, with red on the left (port) side and blue on the right (starboard) side."

All 30 NBA teams will have four primary uniforms next season, including the "Association" and "Icon" editions, as well as one inspired by the mindset of the NBA athlete, and another representing the communities that support their teams. 

Unlike previous seasons, home teams will not be obligated to wear their white "Association" jerseys for home games.

Check out some additional images of the LA Clippers' "Association" and "Icon" uniforms below.