Lori Harvey usually makes headlines for the high-status company she keeps around her. The 22-year-old model was in an on-and-off relationship with rap mogul, Diddy, after she dated his son, Christian Combs. Before that, she was affiliated with Trey Songz and Future. It's now rumored that Harvey may be returning to Future, as they've been spotted together recently. Putting her dating life aside, Harvey also attracted attention last month for being arrested for a hit-and-run

While the Internet mercilessly reacted by trolling her famous stepfather, Steve Harvey, Lori may have needed some time to process the incident. Being a model, she usually remains pretty active on Instagram, sharing many selfies and campaigns she has to promote. However, following her arrest on October 20th, she went silent on social media. 

Over this past weekend, Harvey decided to not let her legal troubles stop her from getting to the bag. On Saturday, she posted an ad that she starred in for Viktor&Rolf Fragrances' holiday giveaway. She has yet to comment on her hit-and-run, but based on this recent post, she may keep that situation confidential and return to her usual affairs. 

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