For years, Lord Jamar has been very vocal about his distaste for Eminem. Recently, the topic of Em as the "King of Rap" was brought back up when Gucci Manegave his thoughts on the matter. Given his complicated history with the rapper, it wasn't a surprise to many that Guwop did not award Shady with the title. Jamar believes that his interviews with Vlad TV may have influenced Gucci's mindset on the situation but the Atlanta icon noted that his justification stems from his belief that nobody is listening to Eminem in the car around town. Fair enough. Jamar was back with Vlad TV to speak about what he thought of Gucci's response, also touching on some comments that Stevie Wonder has made about Eminem.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Vlad asked the Brand Nubian member what he thought about Gucci shutting down Em as the "King of Rap" and he agreed with him 100%. In fact, he went on to claim that Marshall "isn't the greatest of anything." While he may have once believed that the man could spit, he's focused now on tearing down Em as a lyricist. 

When faced with a statement that Stevie Wonder once made about Eminem criticising Michael Jackson and implying that he's a "culture vulture," Jamar agreed with Stevie, adding, "Don't come here trying to disrespect our cultural icons like, how dare you? Who do you think you are?" Watch the latest addition to their series below.