The music industry is still grieving the loss of Andre Harrell. The beloved music executive has created a legacy that is unmatched, and it's clear that his protegé Diddy continues to have a hard time coming to terms with Harrell's death. "I MISS YOU. HE WAS SO KIND. SO BEAUTIFUL. SO PATIENT. SO BLACK. SO CARING. SO SHARING. SO WISE. THE LIFE OF THE PARTY. A MUSICAL GENIUS! MY HERO," Diddy wrote in the caption to a photo of himself and Andre Harrell.

Andre Harrell
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad chatted about the late music legend in a recent episode of VladTV, and during the discussion, they brought up Harrell's early days in hip hop. Before he became instrumental in inking deals that turned some of our favorite artists into icons, Harrell was one half of the 1908s hip hop duo Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde. Vlad mentioned that he read that Harrell was gung-ho about his music career until he saw LL Cool J perform. It was then that he decided to go another route.

"'Cause their whole style wasn't aggressive like that," Lord Jamar recalled. "It was more like that early emcee type of style and it was good for that, but he was smart enough to know. You see? And that's part of it, being smart enough to assess your strengths and your weaknesses and know what you can do and what you can't do. You might want to do some sh*t but I can't really do that even if I want to do it... But I can help other people do that."  The two also talked about the evolution of Harrell's hip hop duo partner Alonzo Brown who apparently didn't do too bad for himself after becoming an executive producer of the Judge Mathis show. Watch the clip below.