Lord Jamar was the latest guest on Bosschick Raine's battle rap web series, Rapmatic, and he was overflowing with controversial takes. Despite being interviewed by a former female rapper in the video and even having a female rapper co-host (Rah Digga) on his Yanadameen Godcast podcast, Jamar did not hesitate to say that he doesn't mess with female rappers. As Raine prods him to elaborate on why he feels this way, his opinions become increasingly cringe-worthy.

His fundamental argument is that the themes of female music do not resonate with him - he claims he feels equally detached and indifferent to "themes of sucker shit" and "white people themes". The Brand Nubian MC specifies that the themes he does relate to are those of "positive, militant, gangsta, sometimes misogynistic music". Based on this response, not much deciphering has to be done to determine why exactly Lord Jamar, a self-proclaimed "alpha male", does not listen to female rappers. 

When asked whether he's a fan of Lauryn Hill, he conceded that he loves her, but would categorize her music in the R&B category. Bosschick Raine then seeks his thoughts on MC Lyte, whom he deemed an exception because he was young at the time and "she was like a tomboy." Raine continues trying to argue her case of why female rappers do meet Jamar's standards of "real hip hop" - citing Sha-Rock as an inspiration on Run DMC - but he remains rigid in his position. "Hip hop is the masculine side of black music and R&B is the feminine side," he states. The interview ends abruptly without reaching any consensus. 

Lord Jamar recently made headlines for discounting Eminem's influence on hip hop and claiming "his content is wack."