It's possible that you're familiar with the concept of "Hate Watching," related closely to "Hate Reading" and "Hate Listening." It's a pretty basic principle, self-explanatory within the name. Essentially, you immerse yourself in something that actively irritates you, not unlike some of our own readers willingly clicking on articles they don't like, or a proud "old head" listening to the new Lil Pump track to "see how bad it is." From website perusers to rappers to podcasters, nobody is immune from the thrill of the hate. Evidently, Lord Jamar has become quite familiar with the concept - can you guess his Achilles Heel?

In another conversation with Vlad TV, Jamar once again found himself speaking on Slim Shady. At this stage, he has driven his point home on more than one occasion, sometimes more eloquently than others. Yet all roads lead back to Slim, especially when circumstances put Jamar's own philosophies at odds with one another. Take Conway's deal with Shady Records, which culminated in an Eminem collaboration called "Bang." Given that Conway is exactly the type of rapper that might theoretically brush off Em's music, at least by Jamar's own hypothesis, it's interesting to see his rationalization play out once again.

Vlad plays a clip from his previous Conway interview, which finds The Machine reflecting on inheriting "a bunch of nerds and Stans," who ultimately fail to connect with his own Griselda mindset. Jamar clearly gets a kick out of Conway's honesty, and praises the Griselda movement for their business acumen. Yet he doesn't appear to understand the motivation behind linking with Em. "I didn't really see, unless there were some crazy bags involved, I didn't see the benefit signing with Shady," explains Jamar. "They've been on my radar for years way before any Shady involvement. A lot of the street dudes already knew about Westside Gunn, Conway."

Sadly, not even "Bang" is enough to win over Jamar (who feels as if Em "destroyed" the song, but not in a good way) or Vlad for that matter. "On paper it should have been good," says Jamar. "But some things don't go together.  Like, peanut butter and chocolate happened to go together." Vlad offers the comparison of peanut butter and mayonnaise, prompting a guffaw from Jamar. "That almost make you wanna throw up I think."