When LeBron James announced his signing to the LA Lakers it was a shining moment for Lonzo Ball who told the New York Times that he's "looked up to" LeBron his "whole life." Lonzo was just six-years-old when LeBron started his basketball career and now he's owning the court with none other than LeBron. You would think having LeBron on your team would bring some pressure to other players, but that's seemingly not the case.

"I would say it takes pressure off of me and the rest of the young guys," Lonzo told the publication. "Obviously you have LeBron, the best player in the world, all the attention is on him. A lot of the wins and losses are targeted towards him. I know he’s dealt with that his whole career so he’s fine with it. But myself, it’s taken the spotlight off a little bit, just making things a little easier for me."

Harry How/Getty Images

LeBron has had nothing but positive things to say about Lonzo as well. “We’re one and the same when it comes to our playmaking ability. We’re always looking for our teammates and that’s the greatest satisfaction we can have when we see our teammates score the ball," he said, via Bleachers Report. "We’ve always been pretty good rebounders for our position, him at the guard spot, me at the forward spot. And then being able to put the ball in the hole as well."