Lonzo Ball cut ties with Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster over the weekend, after it was revealed that Foster allegedly stole $1.5 million from the Lakers' point guard.

Shortly thereafter, Ball posted a photo on instagram containing Nike's "It's only a crazy dream until you do it" tagline, along with the caption "Moving on to bigger and better #MyOwnMan." Naturally, this led to rumors that LaVar Ball's first-born son is ready to ditch BBB in favor of The Swoosh.

Ball's teammate and Nike lifer, LeBron James, spoke with The Los Angeles Times' Tania Ganguli about the recent developments regarding Big Baller Brand, as well as the Nike rumors.

Of course, LeBron says he would welcome Lonzo aboard Team Nike if that's what he chooses to do.

"I love the fact that he's taking control of his s--t. I mean, he's, that's what's really, really dope to me. Once I saw that story, I just seen a kid turning into a man. 'This is my career and I'm taking this. I done had enough with—whatever. I done had enough. Whatever. If I'm not going to be successful, I'm not going to be successful on my terms.' I saw a lot of that. We'll see.

"Whatever the kid decides to do, whatever brand he comes with next—if it's with Nike, obviously we would welcome him. I would definitely welcome him. I love the kid regardless of what shoes he had on. But we shall see."

According to ESPN, Lonzo owns 51% of Big Baller Brand. His father owns 16.4%, while his mother and Foster each own 16.3%. It's unclear what will happen to Foster's stake now that his connection to the brand has been severed. 

Adding to the Nike speculation, Ball's manager just shared a video of him getting rid of his BBB sneakers.