By now, the world has heard the news that Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty have welcomed their baby into the world. We haven't heard much from Nicki's camp in the last few months as the rap icon has prepared for the delivery of her firstborn, but upon the baby news circulating online, plenty of her celebrity friends have offered her congratulatory remarks. The Real host Loni Love was just one of the thousands of people who sent kind words to Mrs. Petty on social media, but Love had to backtrack after she claims she misspoke—or mistweeted—in her first message.

Earlier today (October 1), Loni Love tweeted, "Congratulations @NICKIMINAJ and hubby.... blessings to your baby girl!!! #auntieloni." People began retweeting and reposting the news that Nicki was the mother of a girl, but soon Loni returned to clarify her previous tweet. "I deleted my first tweet about @NICKIMINAJ because I don’t know the gender.. my old ass thought I saw she had a baby girl.. the gender is not known yet... congratulations Mommy and hubby !!! #auntieloni."

We're sure that Nicki will soon share first looks at his little one in due time.