Loni Love had time this week. On Monday, Blac Chyna was supposed to be a special guest on The Real to discuss her new reality TV show, The Real Blac Chyna. Unfortunately, for those of you who tuned in to watch her were left unhappy as Chyna was a no show, no call.

Loni Love tried to play off Chy’s absence by saying she “took too long to get dressed” and they had to end the show without her, but deep down, the no-show really got to her. In fact, Loni decided to call out Chyna in the comments section of another post, telling a fan what really happened, saying she cost the studio thousands of dollars and wasted the opportunity to promote somebody else.

“What some folks don’t realize is that was two segments we could have given to someone that really need to promote something…,” wrote Loni in an Instagram comment. “They not letting everyone in other talk shows especially people of color…we took a chance…then we had to fill the time…that [sic] thousands of dollars gone to waste”

“The Real’s” social media team also made light of Chyna’s absence with a photo of their hosting couch completely empty.


Chyna herself has yet to reveal why she was a show, but some rumors think her relationship with Wendy Williams could've played a role.