Since the unthinkable occurred in Nashville, Tennesse on Christmas day, the FBI has been diligently investigating alleged suspects and reasonings behind the explosion. At first, investigators were speculating that the suspect may have been curious about the 5G towers and in an attempt to put an end to radioactive emissions, decided to devise a plan.

Metro Nashville PD released photo footage of a suspicious white RV roaming around in the early morning, asking anyone who had seen the vehicle to share information about the sighting. 

Authorities believed that the bombing was intentional, as the van blew up in front of an AT&T building and managed to disrupt forms of communications that made it difficult for civilians to contact 911 across the state. The explosion wreaked havoc over Nashville, blackening an entire avenue, damaging buildings, trees, and cars, but it's likely no one was killed in the tragic explosions aside from the suspected bomber. The FBI identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the only individual whose remnants were present at the scene of the crime. 

After searching Warner's Antioch home, the 63-year-old bomber's motivation has not yet been identified, but he is a self-employed computer guru. As the story develops, hopefully, details about this awful incident will be revealed.