London On Da Track has already established himself as one of the most sought-after producers in rap, but he's still consistely raising the bar. In a new interview with VladTV, London revealed that he has a few songs in the bank with Drake, which came together after the two met up in his hometown.

"I met Drake in Atlanta at a bar or something," he recalls. "Me, Keyshia Cole, and Drake... Me and Drake was talking like 'we need 7 bangers in the club right now' ... We went to the studio. He had to leave ... So I sent him a whole bunch of beats, and he was like 'we about to make history. I just bodied a whole bunch of tracks,' and he let me hear it when he got back to Atlanta."

According to London, there are about four beats that Drake has laid vocals on so far, though he's not too sure where the collaborations will end up at this point. "I'm pretty much letting him just do what he gon' do with it," he says. "I'm leaving that up to him."

Working with Drake was one of London's goals, so now that he can say the two have worked together, he has yet another dream to fulfill. "My other goal is to get with Taylor Swift," He reveals, "That's who I'm trying to get in the studio with."

Watch the full interview below.