London On Da Track has been caught up in a number of dramatic child support and custody battles this year, including one by a woman who claims he's the father of her one-year-old son. With that timeline, it would mean that London cheated on Summer Walker during their relationship, which is something that the mega-producer has denied.

"Ain't had no babies on my ol lady y'all need mind y'all business," wrote London on social media. "My blessings came before my commitment."

London was proven to be the child's father, which made this situation even muddier, especially considering the fact that he's still denying it.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

As he attempts to clear up his image, London shared a new picture with Summer Walker, gushing over her and showing her that he's still loyal.

"The most beautiful design God made," he wrote on Instagram, posting a picture of the two together. Of course, he is referring to Summer Walker in the caption.

His comments are unsurprisingly pretty toxic, including some people commenting on Summer's nose, and others making note of all the messy stuff London has been wrapped up with this year.

Do you think he will own up to having a child during his relationship with Summer or will he continue playing as though nothing happened?