In another world, it's entirely possible that Loki, Rick, and Morty may have crossed paths. In fact, the banter between The Trickster God and Rick Sanchez would have been nothing short of legendary, a battle of wits for the ages.  Alas, such a crossover will only be left to the darkest imagination of sleep-deprived fanfiction writers. The next best thing, however, will soon be upon us. The upcoming Loki series, which will premiere exclusively on Disney's upcoming streaming service, has officially appointed Rick And Morty alumni Michael Waldron as showrunner. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Aside from handling showrunner duties, Waldron will pen the first episode, as well as handling executive producing responsibilities. While we've known that Tom Hiddleston will be reprising his role, it's unclear to what capacity his involvement might reach. Still, the notion that a Rick And Morty writer is stepping up to the plate bodes well, a likely confirmation that Loki's silver tongue will remain his most valued weapon, pause.

Keep an eye out for that Loki series, which is set to arrive with the arrival of Disney+ later this year. Will you be making the transition?