Disney plans on debuting their streaming service with enough firepower to compete with Netflix and Hulu. Since Disney has acquired almost half of the industry at this point, they're looking pretty set in the catalog category. According to VarietyDisney will be digging into their MCU catalog to create exclusive television shows based around popular comic book characters. 

Unlike Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Jessic Jones, Disney's new Marvel shows will have a much larger budget. The new shows will likely be centered around Loki and Scarlett Witch, along with other popular characters who have yet to get their own solo movies. The best part about the new shows is that Disney wants to keep the same actors involved, which means MCU stars will be making their way to televisions across the world. Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige will oversee the productions, which appear to place the Netflix shows in direct competition. We have yet to see any of the movie stars from the MCU in the Netflix shows, although they do exist in the same universe. By placing Tom Hiddleston or Elizabeth Olsen in a TV series, it appears that the Netflix shows are being neglected somewhat. We'll see how it all works out when Disney's streaming service touches down sometime in 2019.