Logic is a writer, not a biter. Case in point, the man is sitting on a novel. The book, titled Supermarket, is set to be published via Simon & Schuster. While very little is known about the plot, the logline indicates a romance of sorts: “a guy falling in love with a girl.” Now, it would appear that Bobby is ready to get the ball rolling on the promotional process.

Decked out in full writer garb, which is to say sweatpants, a robe, and five o'clock shadow, Logic confirms that his first literary endeavor is set to arrive at some point in 2019. Now, given that the New Year is mere hours old, it's an admittedly massive window to gauge. Still, if Logic decides to release an album at some point, it will certainly make for an interesting multimedia onslaught. Of course, we've already heard confirmation that Supermarket would arrive with an official soundtrack, featuring music from Mac DeMarco.

While rapper slash novelists are a rare breed, Logic is hardly the first to step into the realm. Meek Mill previously wrote Tony's Story in 2013, and Styles P wrote Invincible in 2010. Are you excited to see what Logic has in store?