Given their cult fanbases and loveably nerdy tendencies, it's quite possible there's a large overlap in the audiences of Logic and hit Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty. On Sunday Night, we'll see how large that overlap is as Logic is set to make a guest appearance on the show, though it's not immediately clear how he'll contribute. Back in February, Logic hinted that he would appear in an upcoming episode in Season 3, and it appears tonight is the night when that episode airs. The official R+M Twitter account has listed the rapper as one of the "features" on tonight's episode. 

Also appearing in tonight's episode is Gillian Jacobs, who previously worked with show creator Dan Harmon on his now-cancelled, also cult-beloved show Community. Logic appeared on Harmon's podcast last year (the same interview in which he initially announced his since-reconsidered album title of AfricAryaN), which has led some fans to believe that he was working on the Rick and Morty episode at the time.

Will he rap? Will he voice a character? You'll have to tune in to find out. The episode airs at 11:30 PM EST on Adult Swim tonight. So if you're also a Game Of Thrones or Insecure fan, you have a lot to look forward to.

Logic released his third studio album Everybody earlier this year. You can stream it here.