Logic has been cast in a J.J. Abrams-produced which aims to emulate the success of Clerks, a cult-favorite directed by noted Canadian auteur Kevin Smith. According to Variety, the unnamed project will look to modernize the general premise of Kevin Smith's 1994 film. Abrams has enlisted Bobby Hall aka Logic in more than one capacity. Before dedicating himself to his first major acting role, Logic will be asked to co-write the script with Black-ish writer Lisa McQuillan.

J.J. Abrams showed up bearing several new items in his bulletin. Besides finding his 'guy' in Bobby Tarantino for the Clerks knockoff, Abrams gave the press a quarterly roundup of his short-term plans, those that fall under the management of his Bad Robot production house. Now operating as a buyer at this interval in his career, Abrams has picked up films by The Good Place executive producer Megan Amram and comedian Blair Butler, who is dabbling working on a film project called The Steps, steeped in the tropes of the 'possession' horror niche.

Thanks to the financial reward of his efforts with the recent Star Wars' films, Abrams has a modest cash crop to throw at niche film projects. Even the decision to go with a first-timer like Logic is potentially risky, but otherwise shows a willingness to bring fresh voices to the fore.