Many of Logic's fans have been waiting forever for him to collaborate with Eminem. That day finally arrived a few hours ago when the latest single from the upcoming Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind was released on streaming services worldwide. Logic and Eminem's lyrical minds have combined after all and the fan reaction has been mixed so far. Em is widely known as one of the greatest rappers of all time and Logic has been rising the ranks, becoming one of the most thoughtful young talents on the mic. While he's not yet a GOAT contender, Logic decided to have some fun on Microsoft Paint, pasting a couple of goat bodies for himself and Slim Shady.

Sharing a photo of a duo of goats in the grass, Logic added his face onto the smaller body, leaving Em's visage on the biggest goat of the two. He used the opportunity to guide people to their preferred platforms, reminding everybody that "Homicide" is officially out as a single. It may not be listed as "GOAT ft. THE GOAT" but that's what Bobby seems to be implying here.

What did you think of the new single? Are you feeling the direction that Logic is taking with this or are you hoping he switches things up on the album?