Logic is nearing the end of another successful year, but that doesn't mean he has any intention of slowing down. The "Everyday" rapper blessed us with two projects this year, Young Sinatra IV and Bobby Tarantino II. If that wasn't enough, he recently kicked off his weekly series, "Freestyle Fridays." After addressing how hard drugs affect communities last week, he returns with a short banger for his fans to rock out to.

Logic is back with vol. 3 of his "Freestyle Fridays" series. The rapper's latest effort has him talking his shit over a flute-laden beat with crispy boom-bap type drums.

"500 thousand for a one off/ Hit the stage, I rage, and then I run off/ It don't matter where we at, it's poppin' like a gun off/ Bumping N.W.A. on the 101, uh," he raps on the hook.

The past year and a half of Logic's career has been undeniably successful of a commercial level, but Logic seems like he's hungry for the crown with his "Freestyle Fridays" entries. The rapper's delivered many "pop" type records, so hearing him spazz out over some tough production is refreshing.

Aside from his weekly series, Logic recently signed on to star in J.J. Abrams new film which is based on Kevin Smith's  1994 cult classic, Clerks. The movie will mark Logic's silver screen debut. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on that.