We might only be a few weeks removed from the release of Logic’s latest album, Bobby Tarantino II, but it appears the Def Jam rapper already has a couple more projects in the waiting. While out West promoting his new project, Logic stopped by Power 106 L.A radio station and spilled the news that he has plenty of projects already finished.

“I won’t tell you exactly, but I have several albums that are finished,” Logic said when asked how far long he was into his discography. “100% but thats not some wack ass rapper flex, like for real. The reason I have all that done in advanced is because of the films and the novels that I'm doing and the TV show and all the stuff I'm starring in, writing in, and production company and the record label, and the artists I have signed. I want to make sure I have everything gets its proper time,” he added. 

Of course he didn’t give any time table as for when we might hear any of his new music, since he’s awfully busy with other ventures, but he definitely has new music locked & loaded.

In addition to that, Logic also talked about his latest video for “Everyday” with Marshmello, loving life, J. Cole’s new album KOD, wanting to collaborate with Drake, his new tattoos, and more.

Check out the full 17-minute interview (below) or fast forward to the 1:50 mark to hear Logic talk about his already finished albums.