Logic may not be everybody's favorite rapper but you've got to admit that he's got serious skills. The man consistently comes flowing with clever lyrics and quick-paced bars that rarely disappoint. In the last year, the artist has embarked on a creative journey through new fields, exploring the worlds of literature, film, and television. We wouldn't be surprised if Logic finds another way to expand his resume at the rate he's been moving but before we see him venture into new territories, we'll be treated to a brand new album from Bobby.

With several singles having been released in the previous weeks, it felt like we were nearing this point and finally, Logic has announced the release date for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Last week, the artist released one of the biggest songs of his career, finally collaborating with Eminem on record and ensuring that the track ends up on his album. We won't have to wait too long to hear the rest of Confessions either because, as per Logic's social media pages, the album will be out in two days. 

Bobby shared the official album cover, which is an aminated version of himself holding up a peace sign. A skeleton peers out through his head, showing us that we may get a little dark this time around. The project will be out on May 10 on all streaming platforms. Are you excited?