Though many are quick to slander Logic's good name, the man possesses something that many hip-hop fans could only dream of acquiring: respect from the Wu-Tang Clan. In a game where reputation is of utmost importance, such a legendary co-sign is worth its weight in gold. Some may even recall how Drake previously attempted a similar collaboration on his own "Wu-Tang Forever," only to be rebuffed over scheduling conflicts. In any case, Bobby Tarantino managed to cross one off his bucket list, and recently explained the process during an intimate listening party.

Laying down the charm, Logic took to the podium to address his followers after a fan asked "how the fuck did you get Wu-Tang on your album?" Logic laughs, explaining that "I was pretty drunk and I was like 'fuck bro, wouldn't that be crazy if I called the RZA to get the Wu-Tang Clan on the album?" After some goading from the homies, Logic actually gave it a shot, prompting an enthused response from a fellow Bobby of the Digital variety. 

"I was like 'yo listen, I got some crazy ass shit I'm going to ask you, I don't know what you're going to say, but listen man-" He interjects himself, as RZA, to insert a quick biracial joke; know your audience and play the room accordingly. "I've always wanted to do a song called "Wu-Tang Forever," it was dream of mine, and to feature every single Wu-Tang Clan member. What do I have to do to make that happen?" 

Logic, as RZA: "All you gotta do is ask baby!"

Clearly, the Clan has love for young Bobby, who continues to prove himself a valued scholar of hip-hop's golden era. Peep the clip below; Wu talk kicks off around the 5:45 mark.