Logic has been catching smoke in all directions, even when he's trying to mind his business. The rapper bid farewell to the rap game earlier this year with the release No Pressure, though he's turned to Twitch for his further endeavors. TDE's Reason made it clear that he's not rocking with Logic on his latest record, "The Soul Pt. 2," rapping, "See y'all mistake my name for Logic's, y'all got me fucked up/ How you compare a n**ga that take from the culture, versus a ni**a that's forward/ This shit gettin' borin'."

Later doubling down on the bar, he tweeted, "I’ll talk about the logic thing if necessary later. But I do wanna make clear I didn’t wait til he retired to take a shot. I wrote this shit a year ago. That’s corny to do that now after he’s announced retirement. Take care, enjoy the music!"

As the world of hip-hop has been rumbling over the supposed diss, Logic addressed the controversy during a live stream. He didn't spend too much time on it but fans did inquire, so he provided them with an answer. "Did Reason diss you on his new song?" read a question from his fan.

"I don't know who that is," he replied. 

Check out the clip below.