Anybody who grew up during WWE's "Attitude" Era probably expressed interest in meeting The Rock at some point. Back when both the people's eyebrow and elbow remained cultural fixtures, Dwayne Johnson was widely known as a hero to wide-eyed boys looking to live vicariously. No doubt Logic was one such lad, having spend his childhood growing squarely during WWF/WWE's heyday. Now, Bobby Tarantino has come a long way, and the talented rapper recently found himself chopping it up with the legendary Ellen DeGeneres.

Not only did Logic challenge Drake to a game of Fortnite and perform his hit "Everyday" to a nationwide audience, but he also managed to make some friends backstage. The rapper posted up a picture of himself and Dwayne The Rock Johnson; you'll be pleased to know that the Rock's eyebrows are indeed for the people. Perhaps they always will be. Either way, Logic opts for the tried and true peace gesture, dubbing himself "the Pebble." Perhaps a buddy comedy is in the works, although it's doubtful.

It's crazy to see Logic go from respected mixtape rapper to damn near global phenomenon. Despite his recent divorce, the young rapper seems to be in the midst of a career renaissance; clearly, his oft-teased retirement will have to wait. There are still bags to secure. Check out the lone documented photo of The Rock and The Pebble below.