The self-proclaimed rap Bruce Willis continues to solidify himself as hip-hop's undeniable man of integrity. Logic's dedication to his fans, the Ratt Pack, is nigh unparalleled. Recently, Bobby Tarantino defied all expected norms, when he actually took the time to socially interact on an airplane through an impromptu meet and greet. The presence of Logic was enough to literally bring tears to a young woman's eyes. Now, the fan bond continues to strengthen, as Logic has indulged in another effort of selfless generosity.

It all occurred when a young woman openly lamented the struggle of saving enough money to catch Logic in Maryland Heights, during his August 3rd appearance. Twitter user captaiinerin96 announced her strategies on social media, writing "Let the saving begin. Just gotta find a hotel in the area and my brother & I will be set to go to Maryland Heights in August!! #Rattpack Now the biggest challenge will be to save the $. Im about to be a penny pincher for a few months. Worth it tho." Clearly, the dedication is real. 

In true Bruce Willis fashion, Logic came through with the heroic gesture in the nick of time. Tweeting back, he wrote "I will pay for your entire trip. take care of the extras give you all the free merch you can carry for both you and your brother and hang out with you so we can take selfies!!! i mean... if that's okay with you," he wrote back. Naturally, the fan was over the moon, and took Bobby up on his verbal contract.

Is there anyone in the game more kind to his fans than Bobby?