Nardwuar The Human Serviette has been messing with the younger generation these past couple months, releasing interviews with Lil Skies, Juice WRLD, Lil Pump & Ski Mask The The Slump God recently, but today he decides to bring back another special guest who he previously interviewed back in 2013, and almost a veteran in the game by now, and that's Logic, aka Bobby Tarentino.

Linking up in Vancouver at one of his shows, Nardwuar yet again digs deep into Logic’s past life and blows the DMV rapper away with some unbeknownst knowledge to all of us. Nardwuar brings up Logic’s Rockville youth football league from 8th grade, some wild family facts about his godmother and father, working at Jiffy Lube, and more. Later, he brings out Logic’s producer and best friend 6ix, who was then receiving some vinyl gifts for records the two sampled over the years.

Logic, who may or may not be high here, is blown away by Nardwuar’s knowledge, and praises him for his interviewing skills. “Give me a hug bro. Thank you so much bro I really appreciate this. This is amazing. This is probably the happiest you’ll ever see me in an interview because this dude is the best,” he says.

The interview ends in pretty good fashion too as Nardwuar does his usual freeze frame, and Logic and his crew all hit him with silly string. Check out the very informative yet entertaining interview (below). Doot Doot!