The ability to laugh at oneself is a valuable gift, which can be difficult to come by in the hip-hop community. Admittedly, reputation can sometimes get in the way of self-deprecation. However, the fans already know that Logic is among the game's most humble. While he's currently one of the game's most commercially successful artists, somehow, he's managed to remain himself - at least, in the public eye. And while the rapper is currently out there living his best life, that hasn't stopped a salty band of haters from constantly clowning on the dude, turning his proclamations of "I'm biracial" into a meme.

Well, it appears that Logic is intent on reshaping the narrative. The biracial assassin has been out in Los Angeles for a press run, where he seemed to indulge in some extracurricular activities. In fact, Logic actually took to the skies for a skydiving adventure, which he captured on his Instagram account. "I’m SkyRacial," writes Logic, in the accompanying caption. While some have used it against him, Logic confirms he's well aware of his induction into the annals of meme history. You've gotta respect it.

It's not all pleasure for the rapper. Logic recently confirmed that he has "several albums" finished, along with an upcoming novel and television series in development. Clearly, we're on track for the summer of Logic. Stay tuned for more.