Logic wouldn't be the first person to confuse material gratification with intimacy. From the looks of it, Logic switched his romantic situation for a brand new BMW i8, you know the one with the gullwing doors and the unusual two-tone colorway. Well it's worth about 200K after taxes. I'm not saying the car is a straight swap for his ex, I'll give him more credit than that. Everybody has their own methods to keep calm. I personally go out for dim sum when I'm feeling a little displaced.

Fans of Logic who expected a slight drop in productivity after signing his massive deal might be surprised to hear that he's back in the studio. It didn't take long for him to readdress his musical agenda. Maybe he sought a little refuge, maybe he wants to strike while the iron is hot. Logic finds an emotional rescue in the liner notes of his music. He posted the following on twitter: a little jig with his headphones turned up.

It looks like more music is on the way. If you are expecting a frown from modest man Logic, think again.