It looks like Logic finally got to meet his idol, Eminem. Last Friday, Logic opened up for Em at Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium, and the two ended up meeting each other for the first time and hanging out backstage afterwards.

Following the show, Logic tweeted out that he had just lived one of his best days ever after meeting Eminem, and that Em was so nice and cool.

In addition to the tweets on Saturday, Logic also just shared some pics of him & Em chopping it up on social media Monday night, providing evidence to back his story up. Logic said that Eminem is just like him and his buddies and loves to talk about rap.

“It was incredible really sitting and just hanging with a man I’ve studied my whole life. And I learned him and his homies are just like me and mine. All we talk about is rap haha it’s the best! Thanks Em! For all the Love #RapkinNaNapkin”

Check out Logic’s excited post & pics (below). Would you like to these two link up on a song?