Logic's had a monumental year. The rapper dropped off his third studio album, Everybody back in May, he made a major impact on the mainstream. Prior to the album's release, he still had a core following but that expanded to another level, especially with the release of "1-800-273-825" with Khalid and Alessia Cara. That song specifically helped Logic reach a new height in his career and also helped him earn a Grammy nod. He's also acknowledged that song as one of the most important ones he's ever written for it's impact.

In a recent interview with LIVE 101.5's Morning Show, the rapper opened up about being nervous prior to dropping the song and video. He acknowledges the fact that it's not only difficult but scary to open up about certain topics, especially when it comes to sexual orientation, a focal point in the music video, but because he understood how important speaking on it was, he knew he had to do it correctly. 

"It's like scary to talk about stuff like that. I felt like these are a lot of things that aren't necessarily being discussed on mainstream platforms. Now they are, which is great. And I'm not the first person to talk these things," he said, "but in my heart, I knew that if everybody did their part right -- if  the song was written right, if the label did their job and the radio stations did their job and the director, Andy Hines, did his job -- that we could really make an impact."

He later revealed that his own nervousness stemmed from potential backlash he may have received from the song.

"It was just very, like, scary... because I was going after every racist, homophobic piece of shit out there. I didn't know what kind of lashback I'd get but I'm like, man, bring it on, because I really believe in this message," he said.

Ultimately, the song would help boost the amount of calls the National Suicide Prevention Line. After his VMA performance of the song, NSPL confirmed they received a 50% increase of calls. 

Check out the interview below: